Want to know something totally crazy???

I ate something different for breakfast this morning! I bet my brother is so proud!

I actually had hot oatmeal this morning. I like hot oatmeal, but I prefer it cold with yogurt. My oatmeal included:

  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1/2 cup Quaker oats
  • 1/2 apple, chopped
  • 1 tsp. brown sugar
  • dash of cinnamon
  • small handful of slivered almonds

Today’s Workout

  • 12 minutes elliptical
  • Cardio Fit & Tone class

This morning I went to the Cardio Fit and Tone class at my gym. It was…interesting. The conversation, not the class.

When I walked into class, some of the women were talking about karate. I don’t usually talk much in class, but since Jacob also takes karate, I thought I’d mention it.

The conversation went something like this:

  • Me: Oh, my older son takes karate too.
  • Women A: Really? How old is he?
  • Me: 10
  • Women A (with mouth open and bug eyes): 10?! Really?! You look like you’re 12!
  • Women B: I saw you picking up your kids. I thought you were the babysitter.

12?! Really? Now that’s just insulting. It is because I have no boobs? Because I totally blame that on the sports bra smashing me flat as a pancake. Can’t I be at least 20?

This used to happen to me a lot when Jacob was younger, but not as much anymore. I think people assume that I am younger than I really am. Yes, I had Jacob young, but I don’t think I look like I’m 12.

I don’t think the women was being mean. I think I just caught her by surprise. But then at the end of class, we were working on abs and she says some of us here aren’t sweating or turning red at all, and then looks pointedly at me!

WTF? Seriously? Listen lady, first of all, I am sweating in places that you can’t even see. Second of all, I’m probably not red because I totally phoned in that last set of crunches. And third of all, mind your own business! Jeesh.

I just yelled out, I feel the burn!

Moving on…

After the gym, I had a thinkThin chocolate fudge bar. I’ll pretty much eat anything that has the word fudge in it. Yum!


For lunch this afternoon, I had the same salad that I had yesterday, only this time I remembered to add feta cheese.

I also had an apple cinnamon Chobani Greek yogurt. I love the soft apple pieces in this yogurt.

I seem to eat pretty good during the day, and then at night it’s like all hell breaks loose. It’s like I have a switch that’s set to “healthy eating” during the day, and then it gets flipped to “unhealthy eating” at 7:00 pm. I think I ate my body weight in candy hearts last night. I’m trying to add more protein during the day, so I don’t snack as much at night.

In other news, I made an appointment with my dermatologist to get a skin/mole check!

Questions of the day:

Has anyone ever mistaken you for being younger or older than you are?

What’s your favorite salad topping? Extra points if you say feta.


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6 Responses to Seriously?!

  1. I love those crispy wontons on my salad.

    When I was younger, people thought I was older, which is part of the reason I didn’t need a fake id ;)

  2. Feta makes everything betta! But I also have an undying love for chickpeas, fresh broccoli, bean sprouts, and sunflower seeds… In any combination. Now I’m hungry for a salad!

  3. Those ladies sounds jealous!!! I think people can tell I am 27 :)

    I am the opposite – healthy at night, crappy eater during the day. But I think it’s because I eat so much during the day, but the time the night arrives, I just want to eat healthy ;)

  4. Paul

    Wow Heather, you’re getting a little crazy with switching up the breakfast food….just kidding. It’s nice to have a little variety once in a while. Speaking of variety…you need anymore Cherrios?

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