I’m Productive!

I had the most productive morning today.

  • Out of bed by 5:30 am – Check
  • Showered and dressed by 6:00 am – Check
  • Dishes done and lunches made by 7:00 am – Check
  • Kids at school by 9:00 am – Check
  • Errands and grocery shopping done by 10:30 am – Check

I know that most people do this on a daily basis, but I’m usually just rolling out of bed by 7:00 am, so this was productive for me. I feel so…accomplished. And awesome.

Coffee played an important roll in my productivity this morning:


I was up earlier than usual this morning because my brother had a job interview early this morning, and I said that I’d watched Baby McCutie Darling for him. She arrived just in time for breakfast:

The only downside was that I missed BodyPump this morning. But I figured that it’s for a good cause. Maybe if my brother gets a new job, he’ll take me out to dinner. That’s usually how it works right? Get a new job. Take your sister out to dinner. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

I plan on going to BodyPump tomorrow night instead and going to yoga tonight.

After I dropped the kids off at school, McCutie and I ran a couple of errands. First, we went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some supplies for some super secret crafts.

There’s a grocery store in the same parking lot as Hobby Lobby and this is what I was greeted with when I turned the corner:

A giant cow. Random. And weird.

Valentine’s Day Fun

Valentine’s day is coming up! Danny and I don’t usually do anything big – maybe just go out to dinner or exchange small presents. Sometimes I like to make him something for Valentine’s Day – something that doesn’t really cost anything and comes from the heart.

I had this idea a couple of years ago: 365 days of Love.

I cut out 365 hearts and wrote different things on each one – favorite memories, things I love about Danny, love quotes, etc. Then I put them all in a gift bag, and every day of the year he took out one heart and read it. That was there was enough hearts to last all the way to the next Valentine’s Day.

It cost didn’t cost anything because I had paper at home, but it was time-consuming cutting out all the hearts and writing on them. I just started a few weeks before Valentine’s Day and did a little each day.

Easy, peasy. And so sweet.

I’m trying to come up with something cute for this year.

Questions of the day:

What time do you usually wake up?

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What do you do? Any crafty ideas? I think that Valentine’s Day is celebrating the people you love, not just your significant other. I usually get the kids a little treat or a card for my parents.


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4 Responses to I’m Productive!

  1. If I am working out, I need to be up before 4:30. We are out the door by 6:45.

  2. Marlene

    you are so thoughtful and creative Heather!

  3. The Key Master

    Wow, masterpiece idea for V-day!!!

    Wish i could use it….but i know my special lady reads your blog so i’ll have to come up with something of my own…

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