Gimme That Cake


Last night, we went to Bingo night at my son’s school. It was pretty fun, even though Danny felt the need to be extremely loud, especially when he got a Bingo. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him yell so loud.

Bananas and Bingo – Life is good.

Danny was the only one out of the four of us to win, and he let Jaden pick out the prize. He picked out a gumball machine. Great, that gum will last two days. My son seriously has a gum chewing problem.


This morning, I pretty much rolled out of bed and went to the gym. Yoga started at 8:30 am, but I wanted to get there a bit early so I could walk on the treadmill for a little while. I got there at about 8am, and walked for about 20 minutes.

Then I went to yoga, which was a little more fast paced today. And I was done with my workout by 9:30 am. During the whole yoga class, I kept thinking about coffee, so as soon as I was done, I headed over to McDonald’s for some $1.08 coffee. Cheaper than Dunkin Donuts.

After I got my coffee, My dad called me to tell me that he was on his way to the gym with my stepmom. Way to go, Dad!

Talking to my dad. It had to be documented on camera, right?

Then I headed to the grocery store to pick up three things and walked out $65 later. This always happens to me – I go in for a couple of things and leave with a whole cart full. I should be banned from quick trips to the store in order to save money.


For lunch this afternoon, I made a roasted veggie  flatbread pizza and roasted brussels sprouts.

I also had a glass of Horizon chocolate milk. I am trying to add more protein to my meals, and one cup of this chocolate milk has 8 grams of protein. I checked the Almond Breeze chocolate milk, and it only had 1 gram of protein, so Horizon it was.

This evening we’re going over to my grandparent’s house for dinner and to play cards. I bought some veggies and dip at the store so that I have something healthy to munch on. It doesn’t help that Marlene owns her own dessert company and makes awesome treats, cakes, and desserts.

Here’s a Thomas cake that she made for Jaden’s 2nd birthday:

My baby shower cake and my sister-in-law’s baby shower cake made by Marlene:


And a birthday cake that she made for my Grandpa:

So, it’s pretty hard to pass up dessert at my grandparent’s house. Unless, of course, you hate delicious things. Which I don’t. Pass the cake!

What’s your favorite dessert? I pretty much love them all.

Any plans for the weekend?


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4 Responses to Gimme That Cake

  1. I love the cakes! We are having pizza, pj, movie night tonight. We have Sunday school tomorrow, and that is about it.

    I am still feeling lousy..and if I try to speak, I squeak

  2. That cake is amazing! But the McDonald’s instead of Dunkin Donuts? They may be pricier, but I get sucked in by all the different coffee flavor options at Dunkins (plus the chocolate glazed donuts). Hm, maybe it would be better to head to McDonald’s instead…

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