And BINGO was his Name-O


Since I wasn’t able to workout yesterday morning like I usually do because of my nutritionist appointment, I decided to brave the snow and head out to the gym early yesterday afternoon.

Danny was nice enough to scrap the snow and ice off of my car for me.

He was also nice enough to break my snow brush in half. Thanks Hercules.

I just did a quick cardio workout in order to get home before the mix of traffic and snow started to make the driving conditions really bad.

I also forgot my inhaler, which sometimes isn’t a problem, but this time I was having a hard time catching my breath on the treadmill, so I just walked.


  • 30 minutes walking on the treadmill – 2.05 miles
  • 10 minutes stationary bike

At this point in the workout, I realized that I misplaced my gym locker key. I’m not really used to carrying around a locker key and this was the second time that I lost the darn thing. So, I decided to just end my workout after doing 40 minutes of cardio.

It turns out that I left the locker key still in the locker. Geesh. At my old gym, I never bothered to lock up any of my stuff. I don’t bring my purse, and I can’t see why anyone would want to steal my gym bag. But the lockers at this new gym can only be opened with a key.

Do you lock your stuff up at the gym?

After my workout, I had a peppermint stick Clif bar. I know that I’m kind of behind on this one since this flavor came out a while ago, but I just found it at my grocery store yesterday.

I love peppermint and this bar lived up to my pepperminty expectations. It’s probably the best flavor of regular Clif bars that I’ve had.

I got some fun news yesterday. I got an email (which I almost deleted because I thought it was junk mail), saying that I won a $25 gift card to the park district where my gym is at. I filled out a survey about the fitness classes a while back, and they randomly picked three names to win a gift card, and I was one of them!

I was pretty excited because I fill out survey things all the time, and I have never won anything. I kind of figured that no one really wins from taking those surveys on the back of receipts and stuff. And now I can use this gift card towards my follow-up nutritionist session.


We had to leave the house extra early this morning because snow always makes travel doubly as long.

After both kids were safely at school, I went to the gym to do the cardio and weight workout that the personal trainer gave me. This workout ended up taking longer than I thought it would and I had to cut out the cardio on the last circuit in order to go home, shower, and pick my son up on time.

My workout looked like this:

Circuit 1 (repeat 3x)

  • Treadmill: walk at 4.5 mph for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Sprint at 7.5 mph for 30 seconds.
  • Bench press x12
  • Pull-up machine (all three positions) x12
  • Squat with 20lb. bar x20

Circuit 2 (repeat 3x)

  • Elliptical: 1 minutes and 30 seconds at level 9. Sprint at level 6 for 30 seconds.
  • Power clean and press with 15 lb. bar x10
  • Stiff leg dead lift x10
  • Chest fly x10

Circuit 3 (repeat 3x)

  • Seated row x12
  • Walking lunge with twist – 12 each leg
  • Shoulder press x12
  • Biceps curl x12

All this took me about an hour to do, and that was with a five-minute warm-up and removing some of the cardio at the end.

After the gym, I had a Clif Builder bar for snack. And later in the afternoon, I had a bagelwich, pickle slices, carrots, red peppers, and hummus for lunch.

I’m so glad that it’s the weekend! We have plans tonight to go play bingo at my son’s school. I’m looking forward to it because I love bingo. Who doesn’t love bingo?!

Did you ever have a secret dream to be a bingo caller and yell out the letters and numbers? B4!

Yeah, me neither.



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2 Responses to And BINGO was his Name-O

  1. Our town did a horrible job removing the snow. It was a mess this morning. I am hoping the way home will be much safer.

  2. I just broke my snow scraper in half too! …although, mine was from smashing it into my windshield in a fit of snow and ice rage! ;)

    Your boys are so cute :)

    Also- nice workouts!

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