Foam Rolling is What I Like To Do

Last night, I tried out my new foam roller. If you’ve never heard of a foam roller or aren’t sure what they’re used for – basically they’re used for self-myofascial release (which means it helps to correct muscle imbalances and reduce knots in the muscle) . Putting pressure on the muscle helps break up the knots and releases unwanted muscle tension.

You use the foam roller by pretty much rolling yourself on it. It comes with a DVD that has rolling techniques for your whole body. I just bought it to use on my calves which are always sore and tight, my quads, and IT band.

There are many different ways to use the foam roller.

I’ve used a foam roller a couple of times before, my old gym had one, so it wasn’t completely new to me. And I was first introduced to the foam roller by Marlene when she showed it us after Danny and my grandpa completed their first triathlon.

Danny foam rolling after becoming a triathlete:


I’m not really foam rolling, I’m pretending to be a mermaid.

Laughing because pretending to be a mermaid on a foam roller is dumb.

Jaden obviously thought the foam roller was way too much fun to miss out on.

Besides all the foam rolling fun last night, I also tried out the Vita brownies.

It was good, but not as chocolately as I would have liked. I would buy them again because they are about 900 calories less than a Blizzard.


I went to BodyPump this morning, and even though foam rolling my calves left them a little bit sore last night, they weren’t tight or sore at BodyPump at all. It was wonderful. I have a feeling that the foam roller might become my new best friend.

Before going to BodyPump, I ate overnight oats with Bear Naked granola on top.

It’s been gorgeous weather here in the Chicago suburbs lately. It was up to 50 degrees yesterday, which is insane for January. But now there’s supposed to be a huge snow storm coming tomorrow. I’m thinking about hibernating until Monday.

Well, I have my nutritionist session set up for tomorrow morning, so maybe I’ll hibernate after that.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?


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7 Responses to Foam Rolling is What I Like To Do

  1. Hrmm..I need a foam roller now too.

  2. I’m in the NW burbs!!!! I’m all for snow if we get a snow day!!

  3. This post brings back memories of my days with a foam roller.. oh, memories.

    Another great technique for working out knots, especially if you like more pressure, or if the knots are located somewhere you can’t reach with a foam roller, is to put a tennis ball in a sock and then place the ball/sock between you and the wall.

    You’ll look hilarious/ridiculous as you work the knots out, but it feels SO good.

    Enjoy your snow storm! I’m hoping we get one (and only one) of those here.. but its been nothing but grey clouds and rain here. Hmph.

  4. Allison @ PickyEatingRD

    I am not looking forward to this storm tomorrow =/. Hopefully it doesn’t get too bad until later in the day but I have a feeling I’ll be driving in the worst of it after work. Not cool..not cool..

  5. kristin piehl

    I have to try a foam roller for sure…and overnight oats are sooo good. Hmmm I must make some tomorrow.

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