Target Shopping Trip

I stopped at Target this afternoon to look for a foam roller and to pick up a couple of other things.

They had a 36″ and an 18″ foam roller. They were both the same size around, the only difference being the length. I wasn’t sure if one was a better choice than the other, but I ended up going with the 18″ roller simply because it was cheaper. $25 compared to $40.

The 18″ foam roller says “ideal for travel” on the box, which is probably the only reason it’s smaller. It also comes with a 15 minute muscle massage routine DVD. I can’t wait to try it out.

I also picked up a few snacks.

Two Chobani yogurts because they are on sale for only $1, so I keeping getting a couple every trip to the store. And a box of the Vita brownies. I hoping that I can eat one of these for my sweet tooth instead of going to Dairy Queen. You know you eat too much Dairy Queen when the employee at the store knows your order by heart.

I got four bottles of sparkling water. I try to drink water most of the time, so that I’m not drinking my calories, but sometimes drinking plain water gets boring. That’s where sparkling water comes in. It’s bubbly, actually has some flavor, and zero calories! The strawberry lemonade is my favorite flavor, so I got two of those. I also got tangerine lime and pomegranate cherry. And these water are only .69 cents each.

One of my favorite snacks are the Target fruit bars. They have two kinds – thin bars and thick bars. I love the thick strawberry bars. They’re great to throw in my purse or for when I just want a little snack with a bit of sweetness.

Finally, I bought a tiny notebook to hopefully start tracking my food in. I am not very good with this – I usually last a few days and then give up. But I was also tracking it online, which is much more time-consuming than just quickly writing it. I’ll see how long it lasts.

And some sugarless gum. I rarely buy gum, but I read somewhere that it’s good to chew. Plus, the watermelon flavor smells so good. It’s reminds me of the watermelon hubba bubba gum from when I was young.

Have you ever used a foam roller? Any tips?

What are your favorite snacks?


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5 Responses to Target Shopping Trip

  1. Hmm…let me know if you like your foam roll.

  2. I have never used it but I think I should … I had an IT band issue last year … I should have tried it but didn’t … let me know how it is!

  3. kristin piehl

    I love the sparkling water and fruit bars from target.

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