There’s a Passion in my Yogurt

Good afternoon everyone! I’ve had quite the busy day up until now. I started with BodyPump this morning. We did an older release, which was a nice change from the new one that we’ve been doing. Sometimes, I get bored with doing the same routine twice a week for weeks, so it’s nice to change it up a bit sometimes.

After BodyPump, I had a Odwalla Vanilla Protein Monster drink. I love these things – I just wish they weren’t so expensive. But there was a coupon in this week’s paper for them,so that a plus. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Crystal, for giving her coupon to me!

I drink them for the good vibes:

After BodyPump, I came home and took a quick shower. I knew that I’d be out of the house at lunchtime, so I made a lunch to bring with, instead of stopping somewhere to eat when I was out. I packed carrots & pretzel sticks with hummus, an apple, and the new Chobani Passion Fruit Greek yogurt.

I packed it all into my awesome lunch bag.

Do I look dweeby with my lunchbag? Because I kind of think that I look cool.

I did not like the passion fruit yogurt at all. The flavor was good, but the seeds were not. I’ve never had a passion fruit before, so I didn’t know that the seeds were edible. They looked like little watermelon seeds and tasted like I was chewing on sticks.

I ate a few of them, and then spit all the rest out. Gross. Chobani did awesome with the blood orange and apple cinnamon flavors. The passion fruit – not so much.

I picked Jaden up from preschool and from there we went to pick up McCutie Princess Baby Face, or my niece, if you prefer. From there, we went to get Jaden an allergy shot. Hopefully, he’s getting close to going every month, rather than every week.

So, this morning I was cleaning out my nightstand drawer in order to be true to my new year’s goal of organizing my room. Okay, who are we kidding? I was actually looking for something that I misplaced, not cleaning. I came across a journal from the end of 2009 with my 2010 goals in it.

I completely forgot that I even wrote any down. And I obviously forgot about this journal, because I had only written on four pages of it.

And maybe I should be embarrassed that it’s Twilight journal, but I’m not. Team Edward. Deal with it.

Some of my goals for 2010 were:

  • To eat healthier – Yeah, this is my goal pretty much every year. And while I do eat fairly healthy, I am not one to turn down ice cream or cake. I can’t. It goes against my beliefs.
  • Included in eating healthier, was to keep a food journal – Nope, never happened. The longest I can go with tracking my food is about three days. Then I give up.
  • Spend time with kids and be a good mom – I like to work on this all the time. My kids are ages where they can play by themselves, without needing constant supervision. But it’s important to make an effort to play with your children and listen what they have to say.
  • More organized – Ha! I still haven’t cleaned and organized my room. I just have a lot of…stuff. I can’t help it.
  • Make the house nicer by getting rid of giant couch and buying a nice smaller one & paint. – This one we actually did! Our couch was way to big for our living room. We finally got rid of it and bought one that actually fit in the living room without taking up 3/4 of the room. And we painted. Well, Danny painted. I supervised. That’s what I’m best at.
  • Save more money – No, I don’t think this was accomplished.
  • I love this one – Be a good wife by doing more laundry so Danny will still love me – I think maybe I wrote that one as a joke. Why would I do more laundry when Danny loves it?! It be like taking candy away from a baby.
  • Get my master’s degree – I don’t even remember writing this. It must have been right after I graduated with my bachelor’s degree and felt all motivated.

And there is it. Proof that I never really accomplish my goals. Just kidding – I consider myself a work in progress.

Do you have goals or are they too much work? Do you write down your goals and save them? Most importantly – will you come clean my room? I can’t pay you because I am working on saving money.



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9 Responses to There’s a Passion in my Yogurt

  1. Marlene

    oh my gosh Heather….based on a previous blog about the new flavors of yogurt I went and bought all three and the only one I’ve tried so far is the passion fruit and I LOVE IT! Passion fruit is one of my favorite flavors….even though I’ve never tried the actual fruit. LOL

  2. I don’t write down my goals exactly.. but I do use one of my favorite websites ever –

    Its a community where folks post their goals and can then comment and cheer one another on. It may not sound cool, but I’ve been addicted to it for the last 5 years or so.

  3. J

    i just tried the passion fruit flavor–yuk. I couldn’t get past the seeds. I didn’t have my glasses on and thought the yogurt had bugs in it. Yes, I read later they are edible, but why would you keep them in the yogurt?

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