Mix it Up

Good afternoon everyone. I hope that your Friday is going wonderfully.

My Friday morning got off to a jumpstart with another new fitness class – Mix it Up. Holy shizznit! Can I say that on tv? Wait, this isn’t tv.

This class was tough. The instructor was like the energizer bunny on speed. Not in a bad way – I wish I had her energy.

This class was definitely the hardest yet and the one that got my heart rate up the most. It was very fast-paced and always took me a moment to catch on. It was still a great workout though.

Mix it Up is described as:

Mix up your workout with a little bit of jab, step, interval, cardiovascular movements. Pilates and Boot Camp routines. Various equipment will be used to strengthen and tone.

This week’s class focused mostly on kickboxing and luckily I’m still alive.

Before class, I had a light breakfast because I wasn’t too hungry. Greek yogurt and Bear Naked granola. The granola was finally on sale. I hate buying it full price because it’s so expensive. But I will buy ice cream full price, so I guess you can see where my priorities are.

After class, I had an apple because I still wasn’t too hungry, but by the time lunch time rolled around, I was starving. Lunch was nothing new and will probably bore you. A bagel with egg whites, Muenster cheese, and peach preserves. A real bagel, not a bagel thin, because now I am addicted.

Dang carbs, tasting all good.

I also had some Ruffles, because a girl needs potato chips every once in a while. And pickles because they’re awesome.

I ate lunch in my workout clothes because showering is overrated.

The rest of today is pretty low-key. Tomorrow morning I have a hair appointment (so, you don’t have to see my roots anymore) and then let the New Year’s festivities begin!

What’s your favorite carb? I like them all.


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3 Responses to Mix it Up

  1. I love chips once in awhile too. I don’t buy them too often, nor do I buy ice cream. :) I am surprised that you put peach preserves on your egg sandwich.

  2. Good for you for trying something new! It’s always good interest wise to mix it up, & great for your body too.

  3. Favorite carb?

    I also vote for all of them!

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