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Waffle Fiasco

My mom gave me a really cute circus shape waffle maker, so I decided to try it out today – what a waffle fiasco! I love you mom, but I am never making waffles again.

This was my first time making waffles and I figured that it couldn’t be too hard because I’m a pancake expert.

I was wrong.

Everything started out fine, until I realized that the recipe I was following called for honey, which we didn’t have. Luckily, I remembered that I carry honey packets in my purse because my younger son eats them as a snack. Weird, I know.

So, I got the honey and squeezed it in, and it came out wrong. It was thick, almost solid, and a weird color. So then I had to google “can honey go bad?”. To which I learned that honey never goes bad. It’s one of the few foods that never expires. So, if you find thousand-year old honey, go ahead and knock yourself out eating it. It’ll be delicious.

Okay, so I just stirred creepy honey into the mix and went to get the chocolate chips (because everything is better with chocolate). Except, I pulled cinnamon chips out of the cabinet. I accidentally bought those instead of chocolate chips. Geesh, what’s my problem?

Scratch the chocolate chips. I was going to try the cinnamon chips in the batter but my son didn’t want them. Good news, I did get to use all my new cooking stuff that I got for Christmas.

Finally, I finished the batter and tried to spoon it into the circus waffle maker. What a pain! Do you know how hard it is to get batter into tiny clown feet and a little lion tail?! At this point I wanted to throw the waffle maker out the window.

I get the batter in and set the timer for three minutes like the directions say. Fail. Those waffles burned.

So, I tried it again, cooking them for two minutes. Fail again. And that picture isn’t blurry, that’s smoke that you see. And then the smoke alarm starting going off.

Finally, I perfected the cooking time – 20 seconds. No joke. Maybe it’s because they were so small, or maybe because it was taking me so long to fill the in the shapes with the batter, but they only took 20 seconds to cook.

My kids finally got their waffles and while they weren’t the perfect shape (by this time, I was just dumping batter in), they were perfectly browned.

After one bite, my son said to me “I don’t like these.”

I give up.

Anyone want a circus waffle maker? Free to good home. Good luck.


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