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It’s a Teriyaki Marinated Salmon Day

…Seriously, that’s what my dinner last night was called.

I found this salmon in the frozen section of the grocery store and decided to try it out. You boil it first, and then you microwave it. I followed the directions, but I think the cooking times are too long because mine came out really dry. Other than that it was pretty good – I love teriyaki.

I also had roasted broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, & potatoes, cottage cheese, and a clementine.

After dinner, Jaden and I played the Angry Birds game. It was kind of a pain to play actually. You have to build all the stuctures and every time I had half of it built, it would fall down and I would have to start all over. Jaden loved it though.


Workout: BodyPump

This morning for breakfast, I had a bagelwich and another clementine.

A lot of people must have the week off of work because BodyPump was packed – there was hardly room for everyone. I wore my new heart rate watch.

I wasn’t able to get the chest strap to work – it won’t pick up my heart rate, so I just used the finger sensor on the watch. I have to play around with the chest strap more until I figure it out. My heart rate was really up during those squats and lunges.

BIC Bands

About a month ago, I ordered my first BIC band. BIC bands are non-slip head bands. You might have seen pictures of me wearing it, but I didn’t mention it because I also ordered one for my step-mom for Christmas and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

Try to ignore my roots that badly need to be touched up and just focus on the BIC band.

I was skeptical about this headband at first because I have never been able to find a headband that stays on when I work out – and I’ve tried many. But I was surprised with the BIC band – it actually stayed in place! I’ve worn it running, during BodyPump, yoga, and other exercise classes and I love it.

The one that I have now is the skinnie minnie sparkle band in black. I love it so much that I actually ordered the same one in peacock blue last night.

New Year’s Eve is coming up. I am excited for this year because my family decided to do a fancy New Year’s party. We’re going to dress up in fancy dresses and suits and ties and go out to dinner. And last year we put together a time capsule, so I am excited to open that this year.

Do you have any big New Year’s plans?


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