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BodyPump x3


Last night I went to BodyPump for the third time this week. Holy smokes, is my body tired! But I knew that I wouldn’t be able to workout the next few days with Christmas coming up, so I decided to squeeze one more workout in last night.

I’ve been doing BodyPump since October and I have already seen more definition in my arms. I worked out in the gym for years and never saw definition in my arms, but three months of BodyPump has made a difference. It’s pretty cool. Now I just have to work on my lower half…

After my workout, I drank some chocolate milk for carbs and proteins for my sore muscles. Chocolate milk is actually a great post workout drink, better than water or sports drinks. You can read a great article from Fitness Magazine on the benefits of chocolate milk.


This morning, I made a big batch of chocolate chip pancakes for my son and me. I feel like I have a chocolate theme going on in my life. We ate a few pancakes and froze the rest for later.

Who says you can’t use a Halloween cup in December?!

Now we’re heading out to finish last-minute Christmas shopping and grocery shopping. Then later this afternoon, my son has a follow-up doctor appointment from his tonsil surgery. Luckily, he seemed to recover really fast from his surgery.

Only two more days until Christmas!

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