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Serial Killer or Sweet Old Lady?


Yesterday was my son’s sing-a-long and holiday party at school. Little Cutie McNugget decided that she wanted to join in the singing and was screaming her little heart out. Nothing a little bottle wouldn’t fix.

The kid’s had a fun time at the party. There was so much food. For some reason, kids love flaming hot Cheetos. I don’t think you could pay me to eat flaming hot Cheetos.

One of the moms made little penguins out of olives, carrots, and cream cheese. Isn’t that such an adorable idea?! I just brought the crappy Oreos. Way to make me look bad.

The kids also played games and danced. In the picture below, Jaden is dancing and Jacob is getting so angry at him. Jacob is straight out of Footloose – he doesn’t believe in public dancing. Besides that, the party was a success.

What Would You Do?

Last night about 6pm, I stopped at the grocery store with my younger son to pick up some bread for dinner. As I was walking out of the door, an older lady stopped me and said that her car was being fixed & the auto place dropped her off at the store but couldn’t come back to get her until 7pm, after they told her to call when she was done at the store.

She said that she lived nearby and asked me if I could drive her home. Okay, so what would you do in this situation? I’m 99.9% sure that she was just a nice lady who needed a ride, but I have seen enough news shows and read enough books to know that murders and serial killers are often the nice church going man next door and old ladies at grocery stores.

I might be totally overreacting here, but I’m paranoid of strangers. I told her that I was sorry, but couldn’t drive her home. I offered her my phone to call someone but she had a cell phone and said her husband was in a meeting.

I don’t understand – if your car is getting fixed, why would you have the auto people drive you to the store and not home? And why would the auto people tell her to call when she was done at the store and then not come get her? I’d be pissed at the auto place.

So, of course, I felt guilty the rest of the night because I told her no, and this is supposed to be the giving season and all. But I had my son with me and what if she had a gun in that purse?! Once again, I’m probably totally overacting.

What would you have done? Would you have given her a ride? Or are you paranoid like me? Well, I apologize to the lady if she really did need a ride home and wasn’t a serial killer. Gosh, I still feel bad.


Workout: BodyPump

This morning these little guys got to come to BodyPump with me.

It’s so nice to be able to bring them to the kid’s room so that I can workout.

Getting ready to go:

I got to BodyPump early because I thought that getting the kids settled in the kid’s room would take longer than it did, so I took a picture of myself in the BodyPump room. It’s a pretty bad picture. But whatever.

The workout was the same as usual – lunges still suck.

Today I have to finish wrapping Christmas presents. Why does it feel like wrapping takes forever? Shopping is the fun part, wrapping is the unfun part.

 Have you finished wrapping yet? Driven home any serial killers lately?



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