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Darn Those Lucky Charms

Darn my brother and sister-in-law for giving my kid’s a box of Lucky Charms. Darn Lucky Charms for tasting so magically delicious. But mostly, darn me for eating half of the box while making dinner last night. Sorry kids, I guess I owe you more Lucky Charms.

More whole grain? Ha! More like more mini marshmallows. Do kids even eat the cereal part of Lucky Charms? Mine sure don’t – they just pick out the marshmallows.

Whole grains: 0    Marshmallows: 1

Now that that’s out of my system…


Breakfast this morning was an egg white, Muenster cheese, and peach preserves on a real bagel from the bakery section of the grocery store. This was my first time eating a bagelwich on an actual bagel and not a bagel thin.

It was delicious – so doughy, and thick, and full of yummy deliciousness. It was like I’d died and gone to bagel heaven. Obviously, I have bagel issues.

I also had an orange thing on the side – a tangerine? a mandarin orange? I don’t know what it was, but it was good.

Today is Danny’s last day off of work before he goes back tomorrow, so I was able to go to the gym for a workout.


  • 33 minutes elliptical
  • 12 minutes stairmaster
  • (3) 30 seconds planks
  • 5 minutes stretching

I started out doing the weight loss program on the ellipitcal machine. Then I got on the stairmaster for 12 minutes to round my total cardio time to 45 minutes. That stairmaster is hard. And what makes me crazy is that I sweat way more on the stairmaster than I do on the treadmill or elliptical, but I burn way less calories.

After five minutes, I’m sweating buckets and feel like I’ve burned 100 calories, and I look at the calorie counter and it says 20 calories. Seriously stairmaster? Why you gonna play me like that?

After my sweaty stairmaster workout I did (3) thirty second planks. I used to be good at doing planks but no so much anymore. And after watching myself do them in the mirror at BodyPump, I realized that I’m not keeping my body straight enough and I’m popping my butt too high in the air. So, I am practicing my planks.

After my workout I ate the Clif Builder’ bar that I got yesterday at the park district. It was chocolate mint, not peppermint like I thought. And it was the best Clif bar that I ever had. I don’t know what’s in the middle but it’s delicious! The only problem is that it’s too small. I wanted 5 more. 20 grams of protein in that baby. But I sucked it up and ate an apple.

Today is my son’s holiday party at school. I love going to the holiday parties at school – the kids have so much fun.

Surprisingly, I can’t really remember any of my hoilday parties at school when I was younger. Do you remember yours?


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