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Salmon, Salmon, Pudding

Last Night

Whenever I go to Target, they have this stuffed salmon that looks amazing. However the price isn’t too amazing – it’s about $8, which is just a bit much for me to spend on salmon that only I’m going to eat. But when I was there yesterday, it was on sale for about $4. You better believe I scooped that baby up. They never go on sale.

It’s called Salmon Belle Mar. And I didn’t even think about it until I got home – but I have no clue what Belle Mar is or what the salmon is stuffed with. It just always looks so delicious! So after some intense research (okay, okay I googled it), I found out that Salmon Belle Mar is wild Alaskan salmon stuffed with rice and crabmeat.

I made it for dinner last night – and it was amazing. I would even pay full price for this salmon because it was so freakin’ awesome. And it comes with two, so I froze the other one. The picture doesn’t even do it justice.

I also had an Omaha stuffed potato that was part of Danny’s work Christmas gift and some steamed veggies. Those potatoes are also awesome – I wish we had some more.

My son went to his sleepover party last night – I tried to bribe him to stay home with Pizza Hut, but it didn’t work and my husband said that I was being ridiculous. Yeah well, my son called me at 8pm, saying that he almost drowned in the pool and the life guard had to jump in and save him. Yeah, who’s being ridiculous now?

Turns out that he was fine and didn’t want to come home, but of course it made me all nervous for the rest of the night. Is it so bad that I love my kids and don’t want them to ever leave me?! Danny says yes, yes it is bad. I’m pretty sure that it’s normal that I told my kids that they can live with us until they’re 40…

So, when my son was gone, Jaden and I worked on the gingerbread village. Jeesh, those things are hard to build. That white frosting doesn’t hold those little building up at all. Every time I constructed one, it all fell apart. Finally, we got them to stay up long enough to decorate them.

Did we decorate them with gum drops? No, we sure didn’t because I ate all of them. I sure did. Oh well, they would have looked dumb with gum drops anyway. Hey, my son licked the roofs of the little buildings and that’s worse, right?


I got up this morning and made what else but chocolate chip pancakes! I did have some grapes with them and at least that’s different. I can’t help that they are so delicious and I want to eat them every day.

For lunch, I continued with the salmon eating and made a smoked salmon salad. I love the Southwest salad kits so much, that I figured I ‘d just make it on my own. I bought a bag of romaine lettuce, carrots, red & green bell peppers, tortilla strips, and salsa ranch dressing. The only thing that I was missing was the cheese. I threw the smoked salmon on top and viola! Lunch.

So good.

I rounded out lunch with a butterscotch snack pack pudding. Life isn’t complete without a butterscotch snack pack. Only problem is that I want to eat five of them.

Then I spent some time wrapping my husband’s two Christmas presents. Two because I have no idea what to get him! He is so hard to shop for. He doesn’t want anything! It’s annoying actually.

What do you get your significant other for the holidays? Any ideas for hard to shop for men?

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