Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

Do you know what the worst part¬†about baking is (besides cleaning up)? It means that there are delicious, chewy, and moist cookies in the house. Lots of cookies. Cookies that call out to me every time I pass them. Heather, eat us. We’re so delicious. And don’t stop at one or two…eat five of us. Darn cookies. And if cookies are talking to you, you better listen.

When I baked them yesterday, I planned on giving my husband quite a few to take to work. Then I remembered that he has the rest of the week off of work. So, more cookies for me. Great. At least I put them in a tin, so I can’t see them. But I can still hear them calling to me though the tin…

Workout: BodyPump

BodyPump this morning was hard, even though it was the same class as Monday. I don’t know if my body was just tired and my muscles fatigued, but I really struggled through it. And I was really overheated today, and it didn’t help that the class was jam-packed. I got there a few minutes later than usual and had to smush myself into a corner in the back. Oh well, I still did it.

And remember how I struggled with the lunges before? Well, the new release adds jumping lunges. Somebody kill me now…

After BodyPump, I had a chunky peanut butter thinkThin bar. 20 grams of protein in that baby. If you close your eyes and imagine really hard, it almost tastes like a Reece’s peanut butter cup. Almost.

Alright, who am I¬†kidding? It tastes nothing like a peanut butter cup, but it’s still good.

My son is going to miss his Christmas show at school because he will be recovering from getting his tonsils out. So, the school was nice enough to let us come in today and watch the kids rehearse. It worked out well that Danny had the day off work, so after BodyPump we headed over to the school.

Little kids are so darn cute when they sing. I’m really glad that we at least got to see the rehearsal.

The rest of today will be spent finishing up some errands and taking my son to the store to pick out any kind of ice cream that he wants for after his tonsil surgery. His brother is trying to talk him into getting sherbet…hey, who’s getting their tonsils out here? Okay, okay, I’m trying to talk him into getting peppermint…just kidding.

What’s your favorite flavor ice cream?


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3 Responses to Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

  1. susie

    If you want, you could bring some cookies to my house. I think that might be the best thing. For your health:)

  2. Stay strong! I can never resist the siren song of freshly baked cookies. I always figure I’m going to eat them anyway, so I might as well get it over with…

    Probably not the healthiest of attitudes ;)

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