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Snow Sucks

When I woke up this morning, there was snow on the ground. My son was very happy. I wasn’t.


I freakin’ hate the snow. If I never saw another snowflake in my life, I would be perfectly happy. But everyone says oh, you would miss the snow, especially on Christmas. No, I would not miss the snow. That’s what hate means – it means I would be overjoyed if it never snowed again.

If it was 80 degrees and sunny on Christmas day – I would be in heaven. I would not miss the snow. It’s cold, and turns into yucky gray slush, and it’s a pain to drive in.

And snow on the ground means that I have to wear my boots to the gym, and I usually end up forgetting my gym shoes and have to go back home to get them.

Moving on…I wasn’t very hungry this morning. I’m usually not very hungry when I wake up, which is why I end up eating so much in the evening. But I had a pear on the way to the gym, and I brought a thinkThin white chocolate raspberry bar for after my workout.

Workout – 3.3 miles treadmill, 16 minutes stationary bike, 10 minutes stretching

At the gym, I ran/walked on the treadmill for 3.3 miles. My calves are sore from that Step&Sculpt class that I took. But then again, I feel like my calves are always sore. I did 16 minutes on the stationary bike – 16 minutes because I wanted to hit 100 calories burned, then I finished up with 10 minutes of stretching.

After the gym, I stopped at Ulta to pick up some free shampoo. Ulta has a rewards program where you earn points when you make a purchase. A few times a year, you get a reward certificate and get to pick out an item that corresponds with your reward level. If you shop at Ulta a lot, it’s an awesome program.

Free shampoo sounds good to me.


Lunch today was leftovers from Olive Garden last night. I think that’s only the third time in my life that I have been to Olive Garden. It’s good, but a little expensive for a casual dinner for a family of four. Luckily, the 10k that I did in October gave out free Olive Garden kid’s meal in the race goody bag, so that knocked $10 off the bill.

I had the rest of my lasagna rollata al forno and two breadsticks. I probably had 47 breadsticks last night. Darn those free refill breadsticks. By the time I actually got my dinner, I was pretty full.

I’m so glad that it’s Friday – it’s been a long week. Tonight we have plans to RELAX! We’re finally going to finish decorating the Christmas tree, watch Elf, and maybe go look at Christmas lights. We have one neighborhood nearby where at least 30 houses decorate with Disney cut-outs – 101 Dalmatians, Monsters Inc., Cinderella, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, and more. It’s actually really neat that the whole neighborhood does it, and we have fun going to see them every year.

Do you enjoy going out to look at Christmas lights? I love it!

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