Two Left Feet

Last night I went to a Step & Sculpt fitness class instead of my usual BodyPump class.



A class description from the park district activity guide:

A mixture of high and low-impact using a step with an adjustable platform. With simple choreographed routines.

Two things which they don’t mention and I should have known:

  1. You need to know your right from left. I don’t.
  2. You need to be COORDINATED. I’m not.

I thought this class was fun and a good workout, I just don’t think it’s something that I’ll do again. I have a hard time figuring out my right and left as it is. Sad, I know. So when we had to step up with our left foot, I’d use my right.

And for some reason, I had a hard time stepping with my left foot first. My brain would know to pick up my left foot, but I would automatically pick up my right foot- every time. Is this normal?

You also need to be coordinated, which I am not. I am the one praying the whole time on the treadmill that I don’t fall off the back of it. And every time I would pick up a move, the instructor was going on to the next move.

And when they started adding arm movement in – forget about it. I finally gave up and started doing my own thing. I’m sure the lady behind me was quite entertained.

I’m glad that I went though. It was a nice change, and I haven’t gotten enough cardio in lately. And I really like the instructor. She’s the same one who teaches BodyPump. She’s really nice and encouraging and always calling out what she’s doing and making sure everyone has the correct form. And she made an effort to remember my name, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it just shows you what kind of person she is and makes me want to take her classes in the future.


For breakfast this morning I had a couple of whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes that I forgot I had in the freezer. I also had a blueberry Greek yogurt. I haven’t had the blueberry flavor in a while because I have been buying strawberry, so this hit the spot.

Sometimes I wonder if they neighbors ever see me outside in 20 degree weather taking pictures of my food and think I’m a nutso. Probably.

Do you ever feel weird taking pictures somewhere?


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4 Responses to Two Left Feet

  1. Allison @ PickyEatingRD

    Haha I always take pictures on the balcony of our condo (I love the sunlight) and always wonder what the neighbors might be thinking!

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