Out of Cookies – Send More

This morning after I dropped the kids off at school, I hauled my butt to Dunkin Donuts for some much-needed coffee.

Why yes, you will see me soon…probably in an hour for a refill.

After coffee and a little Christmas shopping, I picked up Jaden from preschool, and we took my niece over to the hospital so I could visit my brother and she could see her dad.

My brother is doing pretty good and should hopefully be home in the next couple of days. Then I have to give Baby McCutie Sweetie Pie back. Boo.

My dad was there too. He’s not a doctor…he just plays one on tv.

When I got home from the hospital, my last dozen cookies from the cookie swap were on my front porch. I love that they’re always waiting for me when I get home from somewhere.

These cookies were from Tiffany and they were snickerdoodles. Those are one of my favorites cookies and I ate two immediately…then I had one more. They were so soft and full of cinnamon. I want another one just talking about them…

And she actually sent the same card that Christine did. Isn’t that funny?

She also sent the cookies in an adorable stocking, which was a nice touch.

And that concludes the cookie swap for this year. I’m kind of sad. I want more cookies. Thank you to all three ladies who sent me cookies – they were delicious! My recipe post for my cookies will be going up on December 12th.

After eating too many cookies, I decided to have something healthy to balance it out. I snacked on carrots, red & green peppers, and pretzels with hummus.

Hope you’re all having a good afternoon!

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