Cookies, Ear Pain, and Tonsils

Apparently the Keurig coffee maker has spoiled me. I can’t wait 50 seconds for a cup of coffee without trying to dump in cream and sugar when it’s still brewing, making a mess everywhere. That’ll teach me to be impatient.

We didn’t get around to decorating the Christmas tree last night. Sad, I know. We’re babysitting my niece because my brother is sick. Then karate and dinner ran a little late, and things just got too busy.

We did however, decorate cookies. And we all know that’s the important thing. I showed off my awesome baking skills by using Pillsbury break & bake sugar cookies. Hey, it’s fast and easy. And still delicious.



My superb cookie decorating skills:

My son has a fever again. We seem to keep passing this illness back and forth. It’s dumb. But the timing couldn’t have been better because he has a doctor appointment today for a pre-surgery screening.

And I’m pretty sure that he has an ear infection. He keeps complaining of ear pain. See how smart I am. ear pain = ear infection. Plus, his ear is bright red.

My poor baby. Hopefully, once he gets his tonsils removed, he’ll stop getting sick so much. But they can’t remove his tonsils if he’s sick. Blah.

Do you have tonsils? What are tonsils even for?


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2 Responses to Cookies, Ear Pain, and Tonsils

  1. Allison @ PickyEatingRD

    I have my tonsils. My little sis actually got hers out because they were so giant. They were getting in the way when she slept and she also kept getting sick all the time too!

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