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Monday Mini Goals

Workout: Body Pump

I wasn’t too hungry for breakfast this morning, but I figured that I should eat something little before Body Pump, so I had a thinkThin bites chocolate toffee nut bar. I thought that it would be crunchy, like toffee, but it was actually soft. It kind of tasted like peanut butter. Really good.

Then I went to Body Pump. I actually made it through the lunge track today, but it was a little bit easier today than the newer Body Pump release. Now I just have to work on those push-ups! One of the things that I really like about Body Pump is the triceps dips. Love those.

I packed my water bottle and Odwalla chocolate protein drink for after class.

Monday Mini Goals

I have come up with a few goals that I would like to work on this week.

  1. Drink more water – I am usually pretty good with this, but since I was sick, I was drinking a lot of juice.
  2. Limit sweets – With the cookie exchange and peppermint ice cream and peppermint bark, I have been eating a lot of sweets (what’s new?) I am going to try to limit my sweets this week. Oh, I still will eat cookies, just not six of them.
  3. Workout at least 4-5 times this week.
  4. Limit late night snacking – love to eat popcorn or ice cream late at night! I’m going to try to cut back on this.


Return of the veggie sandwich! I haven’t had a veggie sandwich in a while, so I made one for lunch this afternoon.

I drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar on a whole wheat roll, and then added spinach, cucumber, red onion, green pepper, red pepper, and feta. Lots of feta!

Tonight we’re decorating our Christmas tree and making sugar cookies to decorate.  Great, there goes goal #2. I’ll try to stick to one or two yummy cookies. I always love pulling out all the Christmas ornaments and looking at them!

Do you have any mini goals for this week?

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