Breakfast with Santa

This morning we pretty much rolled out of bed and took the kids to breakfast with Santa.

This is why I ended up looking like a bum at breakfast – no makeup and sweatpants. Oh wait, I always look like a bum – no make-up and sweatpants must be my signature look.

Why yes, I do have on reindeer antlers. Thanks for noticing. Danny and I figured that since the kids didn’t want to wear the antlers, that someone should at least wear them. And I nominated us.

I swear that I don’t always look like a bum… just most if the time. I looked halfway decent this afternoon. Or at least better than I did this morning…

The kids had fun at breakfast. They ate, sang Christmas carols, and listened to Santa read a story. We have gone to breakfast with santa for about five years now. And every year the kids get the exact same t-shirt with the year on it – so, I think they have five shirts each now. Only this year the t-shirt didn’t have the year on it.

I think that they got smart and realized that if they don’t put the year on the shirt, then they can reuse the shirts next year. Smart cookies those breakfast with santa elves.

The rest of the day was spent doing some errands and laundry. Oh wait, I didn’t do any laundry – that must have been Danny.

Danny has the upcoming week off of work, which will be nice because I’ll be able to go to the gym a few mornings.

If you could eat breakfast with anyone, who would you choose?

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