Cookies Make Granola Better

Waking up early sure has its advantages. I managed to get my son an allergy shot, visit the girls at the gym, go to Ulta, and go to JC Penney all by 10:30 am. Maybe I should try that waking up before the sun thing more often.


I packed a few snacks to bring since we’d be out most of the morning. My son and I shared a Honeycrisp apple. Is that gross or not? Is it normal to share an apple with someone? Like you take one bite, I’ll take one bite.


I bet you can’t guess what I had for lunch today. Ha! If you guessed a stuffed pepper, you are totally wrong! I had a stuffed pepper with feta. Okay, okay – you were right. I did have a stuffed pepper. But in my defense, I did say that I was probably going to eat one everyday for months to come.

The rice mixture before being stuffed into my pepper:

I also had carrots and pretzel sticks with hummus.


Bear Naked and Dr. Sears Family Essentials recently sent me a few goodies to try. Yummm….goodies. And after lunch I was craving something sweet, as usual, and since I have pretty much depleted my kid’s Halloween candy supply, I broke open these babies:

Bear Naked Soft-Baked Granola Cookies in Double Chocolate. Anything with the words “double chocolate” in it is worth trying. These cookies are so good – chocolatey and soft. And they have just enough granola in them that it isn’t overpowering. My son loved them and actually stole the rest of mine. Listen kid, do not steal your mom’s chocolate.

And how cute is this packaging:

It has a spot to write your name. And you better believe that I wrote my name on them. Writing my name makes them all mine, right?

I love that they have 10g whole grains and no high fructose corn syrup. And only 130 calories per cookie. Awesomesauce.

My son tried the Dr. Sears Cool Fuel bar in double fudge brownie. I have actually been a fan of Dr. Sears for a few years. I used to order my kid’s the fish oil vitamins because I was worried that they weren’t getting enough Omega-3s, you know brain food, because they aren’t big fish eaters.

And guess what these Cool Fuel bars have? That’s right – Omega-3s. And eating a chocolate fudge bar is way better than taking a vitamin.

I actually ate half of this bar because my son wasn’t loving the thick texture too much. I liked it. Chocolate is good. Even though it’s a kid’s bar, I think it would be a great snack for after a workout. Plus, 5 grams of protein.

Doesn’t my hair look dumb in that picture? I think it’s sticking to the velcro on my coat. I’m classy, I know.

The cool part about the Dr. Sears Family Essentials – they will donate a complete meal to a needy child through their Two Healthy Kids initiative. Double awesomesauce.

On today’s agenda I have something really cool – I’m going roller skating! Every few months my son’s school has a roller skating party. When my son was younger, he used to like to skate with me, but now that he’s older I just embarrass him.

Well, now my younger son is old enough to skate, so I can skate with him. And I am talking about old school roller skates, like with the orange laces. No Rollerblades for me. And I still can’t figure out why my son doesn’t think I’m cool.

Do you like to roller skate or Rollerblade? Or do you like to sit at home and eat cookies?


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4 Responses to Cookies Make Granola Better

  1. The last time I went roller skating was when I was about 12 years old and I was going down a hill, had zero control, and crashed. It hurt.

  2. Susie

    Your are cool, like Snoopy is Joe Cool, you are Heather Cool. You could make up a total new name like Foodie Cool or something like that. I am reliving my youth through your stories. I roller skated to Gorski’s a couple of times because I could shoot around the aisles so much faster. I lived in walking distance so no car needed, just wheels:)

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