Halloween in Wonderland – The Conclusion

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The conclusion to the Halloween in Wonderland game took place last weekend. In the afternoon, Danny and I were given instructions to pick up my step-mom and step-brother from their house. When we got there, we were given an envelope with an address in it.

We’re off to our first destination:

My brother and sister-in-law had to meet up with my grandparents at a store and get into one car. Then, we all had to meet at the same location.

The first location where we all had to meet was an ice arena. Creepy and scary, right? Ohhhh ice, I’m so scared.

We were also told to wear one item that pertained to our character somehow.

Cheshire Cat and Alice:

Crystal wore cat ears and found purple kid’s leg warmers to wear on her arms. Isn’t that purrfect? <—- Ha, ha that was lame.

I wore my black bow headband like Alice wears.

My brother, The Knave of Hearts, wore an eyepatch.

The ice arena is next to a pond. We were given instructions to search the pond for a string and then pull in the string to retrieve whatever it was attached to.

My grandpa searching for the string in his Mad Hatter hat:

So, you’d think that with eight adults we’d be able to find this string, but no. We looked and looked, and finally my dad screamed at us to check the other end of the pond. Apparently our searching skills were making him a bit angry.

Finally, we found the string and pulled it in. Well, Marlene pulled it in anyway, I just kind of watched.

The end of the string contained a plastic bag with an eyeball in it. Yes, in case you were wondering, it was a real eyeball.

The eyeball went to the Knave of Hearts and was the final item that he needed to find in the game.

Paul with one of the shells that Jake needed to collect for the game:

Next, we split into two teams and spouses couldn’t be together. Not really sure why. Maybe my dad was afraid we’d just make-out the whole time and forget about his game?

I was on a team with my grandpa, sister-in-law, and step-brother.

We were then given another address and told to go to it and ask the Black Knight if we could search his property. I really hoped that the Knight was expecting us or we were going to look like some real creep-os.

The location ended up being about 40 minutes away. Really? I came to play, not drive. Well, actually Crystal drove. I don’t really believe in driving and try to do it as little as possible.

We got to the address and my Grandpa and Jake went to knock on the door and ask if we could search the property, aka the bush in the front yard.

 Luckily, the Black Knight was expecting us and definitely lived up to the part. Those black sweatpants scared the crap outta me.

Crystal found the item that we needed in about 16.5 seconds – a giant mushroom. Good thing it was colorful.

After we collected our giant mushroom prize, we had to continue on to the next location…50 miles away! By this time, I wanted to punch my dad. I was hungry, sick of being in the car, and had to pee. We missed our exit, took a wrong turn, and pretty much didn’t have fun driving.

We finally got to our next destination, which was the house of my dad’s friend. By this time it was late and dark outside and we were told to look in the backyard for a stick and dig. Come on, I’m tired and hungry and left my shovel in my other pants pocket.

Plus, the backyard is huge. We searched and searched, which I have no pictures of because I was getting a little pissed by this time. Eventually, I stumbled upon the dumb stick and my step-brother dug until he found a Tupperware buried nine feet underground.

The good news is that the Tupperware held the final teacup that I needed.

The boys also needed to collect a gem during the game. They received a text message saying that to get what they needed, they would have to destroy a friend.

My hubby, being the super smart guy that he is, figured out that they would have to destroy the creepy birds that they got during the game to get what they needed.

The gem turned out to be inside the freaky beakless bird. Who does stuff like that? Seriously?!

By this time, I had all of my puzzle pieces expect one. Turns out the other girls in the game were also missing one puzzle piece. Then, my step-brother announces that to get the last piece, everyone has to pay him the money that they received earlier in the game and an extra $5.

What?! Now I have to pay to be in this crazy Wonderland game? I shelled out my $5 and got my final puzzle piece. When the girls put their puzzles together, it spelled out an address in a nearby town.

The address was the wooden castle and the final destination of the game. But first, we had to go to the store where my grandparent’s left their car and get the final game items that were hidden there.

After that was done, Crystal was still missing one tail that she was collecting for the game. She ended up being “gifted” the skunk and that served as her final tail.

She was pissed about that, let me tell you.

We went to the final address, which turned out to be a restaurant that our family loves, except my step-mom. She hates it. But it was a restaurant that we went to a lot when my brother and I were younger, so all was good.

We had to bring in everything that we collected during the game, and the money that my step-brother collected earlier went towards the bill.

We had a great time at the restaurant. We ordered food and drinks, and had to answer questions about the game, which were written by my dad. We also all had playing cards that were collected throughout the game, and had to make our best poker hand.

Not sure why I looked so happy, my cards sucked:

Crystal ended up getting the most questions about the game correct and ultimately won the game. Although we’re all winners in my book.

I did win the most votes for “most creative way of getting rid of the skunk”.

Crystal won a skull trophy:

Mad Hatter hanging out at the restaurant:

The brains behind the game:

Leaving the restaurant with everything collected throughout the game:

And that, my friends, is the end of Halloween in Wonderland.

The game was absolutely awesome and fun, created entirely from my dad’s freakish Halloween mind. Most importantly, it gave us family memories that will last forever. <—– Totally sappy.

And news is, Crystal has already started planning the game for next year…

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