Strength Training

I decided to do a little bit of strength training today. I did it right when I woke up, before the kids were up.

I did this circuit, 3X total:

pushups x10

crunches x25

jumping jacks x25

bicep curls x12  16 pounds total

bent over dumbell row with tricep kickback x12  8 pounds

deadlift into upright row x12  16 pounds total

I did all these moves without resting in between. Then I did them all 2 more times, resting about 30 seconds in between each circuit.

I also stretched for a few minutes afterwards.

If I look crooked in this picture, it’s because I am. Our house was built on one side of a hill, so it slants one direction. We fall a lot. Just kidding. My son took the picture, and can’t hold the camera straight. But I still love him.

I’m straight! That’s Tyson in the background. He’s a dog, in case you were wondering.

Mini Breakfast

After doing the weights, I had a greek yogurt and granola. Yesterday I was sad that I was out of the bulk granola that I usually buy at Whole Foods, then I remember that my mom gave me a whole box of granola! (It probably cost less than my tiny bag of granola from Whole Paycheck Foods.) Thanks for saving the day, Mom.

So, I had that granola with my yogurt this morning. I like it because it’s crunchy, and I like crunchy. Ha ha, I totally typed crunchy before I even noticed that the box said crunchy.

That was a lot of crunchies in one paragraph.


This morning, I’m taking my little guy to the doctor. Then I have to pick something up for my older son. And I’m working this afternoon.

Have a great day!


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